Manufacturing Operations

CNC Milling Max. Capacity: 40” x 20” x 20” with 4th & 5th axis capability
CNC Lathe Max. Capacity: 15” Diameter with 5 axis live tooling and sub-spindle
CNC Routing Max. Capacity: 5’ x 10’
CNC Press Brake: 4′ x 40 ton (for bending plastic and metal)
CNC Water Jet and Plasma Cutting: 5′ x 10′

Secondary Operations

Anodizing: Type I, II & III
Blanchard Grinding
Cleanroom Assembly & Packaging
Chrome & Nickel Plating
Chemical Bonding
CNC Surface Grinding
CNC Plasma Cutting
Dicronite Coating
Helium Leak Testing
Hot Air Plastic Welding
Grit/Media Blasting
Manual Mill & Lathe
Powder Coating
Teflon Coating
Tig Welding
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Vacuum Forming: 36” x 24”


All Stainless Steel / Aluminum
Titanium / Inconel
Tungsten / Molybdenum
Ceramic / Quartz / Sapphire
Bronze / Copper / Nickel
Quartz / Ceramic
Vespel ™
Teflon ™
GPO 1, 2 & 3
G7 / G9 / G10 / G11
All Thermoplastic: ABS, Acetyl, Nylon, PEEK, Polycarb, Torlon, UHMW, Ultem, etc.
All Fluoropolymer: FEP, PFA, etc.
All Phenolic: Canvas, Paper, Linen, etc.

 DMG Lathe
Patriot Router